Information Sockets

A google search can be considered as a location service: Search for a specific string can be considered as looking for that bit of information in every place where that is available. This concept can yeild a set of standardization for this information seek.

For example: People can add standardized catagory names to each of their blogs and that inforbit can be accessed using the search location service. Thus one can easily list blogs in one particular catagory; say, stories.

This calls for standardization between various communities around the world. RSS can be thought of as a rigid form of it. But there can be more loose forms like that standardized by RFC kind of mechanism. This standardization can be as simple as keeping a unique string, say, "InfoBit Catagory: My address - ADFA6786ASD" in one's address page.

Simlarly, each reader can keep his 'readers pick list'. This can again be accessed seeking 'readers pick list' infobit. The site which provide this for a user can be thought of providing an information socket.

One another example is that of LinkedIn service. Everybody can keep the list of people they know as different infobit. Any programmer using the search infrastructure construct the aquintance diagram of the whole world.

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