Digging for traces of Monism in 4 Gospels

My solution to the riddle of Father, Son & Holy spirit
  • Father = Brahmam
  • Son = A enlightened being - buddha
  • Son of Man = Buddha of Compassion
  • Holy Spirit = Ultimate awareness about onself; obtained by enlightenment
  • Kingdom of God = Moksham & its blissful state happens with the arrival of Holy spirit

The look and behaviour of Jesus

It is interesting to look at BBC's depiction of Jesus.

I will suggest some modifications as per the prophecies in the Old testement.

Spirituality is a sleep

How does Roman Catholicism work against spirituality

Did you read Time article about God Gene?

The article describes that spirituality has a big genetic component. What it implies is Roman Catholic Church is systematically killing mankind's inherent spirituality.

This can be argued out easily. When somebody feels really spiritual, among Roman Catholics, he/she is suppose to become a priest/nun - essentially killing the spirituality gene.

In the light of these studies, Roman Catholics should encourage marriages between priests and nuns to preserve the gene and advice them to have as many kids as they could :)

There could be saints for sex too :))

Sleep & Nirvana

Humor aside, this points to the inverse relationship between human libido and spirituality. Almost all godmen/women (Jesus, Buddha, Adi Sankara, Vivekananda, Meera etc) were never considered specifically interested in sexuality and its celebration. (There could be some counter-examples like Osho; however this class is very small) Also, there are vast spiritual institutions which have celibacy as one of its main rules. I don't think these are just coincidence. Those things that exists for millenniums are not just social constructs; but they very well could be gene constructs.

So we can see that the spirituality property is not reproductively rewarded as power or intelligence. Remember the abundance of Genghis Khan's genes :)

But what could be the neuroscience/evolutionary explanation for this inverse relationship between a genetic property and reproduction?

We have 2 choices:
1. Spirituality is kind of a brain decease and some level of tolerance is evolutionaly allowed.

2. Spirituality is not actually a property, instead it is the off state of some survival abilities - analogous to sleep. So the genes of those who 'sleep' 24 hours are never propagated :) May be this is what happens in a meditation session where this 'sleep' state is consciously invoked in the brain. For spiritual people, attaining this 'sleep' state is very easy. But for other advanced humans, this may be hard :) However it may be good to have some time of quality 'sleep'.

This argument is in perfect accordance with what we see when people becomes old. All their physical & mental devices slow down when they get older. If spirtuality had been an ability of the mind, then why does this spiritual ability alone improve with oldage. So as per my argument before, when in youth, these anti-spiritual abilities of brain is in its peak. It decline afterwards and person becomes more spiritual. So for me also, a day will come, to be spiritual :)

In a different thought, it can also be viewed as the rebirth of genes as different humans until the last person attains spiritual enlightenment and never bother about reproduction. So that gene has achieved eventual nirvana after so-many 'lives'.