Theory of Creativity

Here are the preconditions for you becoming a poet or novelist:
  • prolonged state of emotion: this give you the drive
  • constant state of indecision: this gives you the substance from the choices
In fact, these are two opposite mind-forces. Typically people are emotional and very decisive OR unemotional and indecisive. In some people, during their development years, above two could exist little longer till may be 30 years of old. They are the best candidates for being creative. If you have produced enough during that period and you remain emotional, your brain has become wired for 'other' thoughts and you can still produce till end of your life.


  1. You mention three combinations.

    But what happens if someone is unemotional and mature? :)


  2. "Typically people are emotional and mature"

    I really didn't get this.

    I feel that being emotional makes you immature. Your responses will tend be driven by emotions. Once you have control over your emotions (unemotional), you will start following your brain rather than the heart and that makes you mature.

  3. Babu, that is true.. Looks like I need to revise my immature theory :)