Development of a toddler

Evolutionary developmental paradigm applied to linguistics

I just want to point out one simple observation. My 3 year old daughter says 'snEkam' for 'snEham'. And I am sure that she will learn to say 'snEham' soon.

But one thing to note is the evolution of Malaylam was from Tamil in which it is precisely 'snEkam' - 'ha' is a sanskrit origin alphabet. So just like an embryo transforms thru various evolutionary states, the various cultural/linguistics stages are displayed in the early years of development. Can this be true?

Making sense of from an absurd question
She repeats the question to me - Same way even teenagers tempted to do on an exam answersheet. May be that is how we all make sense of something. We repeat that to ourselves to remember clearer at later point of time. When we see bits and pieces of it later and join them to get complete picture in the course of time.

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  1. beautufully written.

    about repeating the question over and over..
    I never gave it a thought until now.:-)